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Sustainable forestry keeps a balance between the lumber needs of the present and the resources needed for future generations, through carefully managed harvesting, protection of water sources and bio-diversity, and the planting of new trees. Several of the hardwood species we supply at Evergreen Forest Products are FSC® certified, ensuring they come from forests practicing the top standards in sustainable forest management.

Our forests are important natural allies against climate change. Trees absorb and retain carbon dioxide from the air as they release oxygen. Tropical forests alone capture almost half the CO2 absorbed on land, according to the Rainforest Alliance. Trees also help cool the planet, especially in tropical forests where they contribute to cloud cover which reflects sunlight back toward space. By sourcing our hardwood responsibly, we are protecting our own future and yours.


What Are Natural Climate Solutions?
Cloudy and cool: climate prospects from mid-latitude tree planting, study


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