Marine grade hardwood decking

Hardwood Decking

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Our tropical hardwood decking is dense and hard enough to resist the busiest of traffic. It’s great for both Commercial and Residential use.  All the species of premium tropical wood we recommend are naturally pest, rot, and fire resistant. Our decking is virtually maintenance free and requires zero chemical treatments.

What Sustainable Hardwoods do you recommend for decking?

For its sustainability, durability, eco-friendliness and resistance to pests and rot, we recommend Greenheart, Purpleheart, Angelique, Ipe, and Cherry. These premium woods are the greenest choices available.

Is your Decking Maintenance Free?

Our sustainable decking hardwood is very easy to maintain. Only a UV finisher is required to prevent color fading. The most you will have to do to maintain your new deck is sweep it or hose it down.

Is your Decking Safe for the Environment?

Because of its dense make up and natural presence of oil, pests cannot penetrate our wood. Our sustainable decking requires no chemical treatments making it a great eco-friendly decking solution.

If you are looking for a green alternative for your hardwood decking projects, please contact us for a quote.

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Demerera Silver

Species: Peltogyne Spp
Weight: 930lb/m3 12% MC
Bending Strength: 30900 psi 12%
Modules of Elasticity: 3460 psi 12% MC
Max Crushing Strength: 14500 psi 12% MC
Janka Side Hardness: 3960 lbs 12% MC

Demerera Gold

Species: Chloracardium rodiel
Weight: 970lb/m3 12% MC
Bending Strength: 19310 psi 12%
Modules of Elasticity: 2190 psi 12% MC
Max Crushing Strength: 13250 psi 12% MC
Janka Side Hardness: 2593 lbs 12% MC

Demerera Platinum

Species: Dicorynia guianensis
Weight: 922lb/m3 12% MC
Bending Strength: 17390 psi 12%
Modules of Elasticity: 2190 psi 12% MC
Max Crushing Strength: 8770 psi 12% MC
Janka Side Hardness: 2100 lbs 12% MC

Hardwood decking