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Choose from our premium tropical or domestic woods and incorporate the natural edge of premium wood into your furniture design.  We kiln dry all our slabs for increased durability.

What woods do you recommend for customer furniture?

We offer Sustainable Tropical wood and domestic wood.  Both woods offer unique colors and grains that can enhance your design.

What is kiln dried wood?

Our Kiln-dried wood has been dried in an oven to control and reduce the moisture levels in our wood.  With our oven we can control the temperature and dry wood to the moisture content we believe makes the wood easiest to work with.

How do I order slabs for my project?

All you have to do is contact us here or give us call. We will chat about your project and then make an appointment to come see our inventory. We can easily work with your designer or furniture maker too.

If you are looking for a green alternative for your custom furniture projects, please contact us for a quote.

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