Marine dock piles and lumber

Marine Dock Piles and Lumber

Sustainable and Durable

As more and more local governments are required to use sustainable products for their marine applications, our Greenheart wood products are the best solution.

What is Greenheart Wood?

Our Greenheart Wood is sustainably harvested from Guyana. Greenheart wood has the reputation of being stronger and more durable than oak and teak.  It’s pest and marine borer resistant and almost immune to rot.  It has earned a Class A Fire Rating because it’s highly resistant to fire and does not spread flames quickly.

How Durable is Greenheart Wood?

With a proven history of longevity when used under extreme conditions in marine applications and coastal environments, dock pilings made from greenheart wood have lasted more than 50 years.

Is Greenheart Wood Safe for the Environment?

Yes. The reason our Greenheart Wood is the best solution for Marine Dock Piles is due to its natural hardness and oils. These qualities perform well in extremely wet installations and repelling pests.  Because of these natural occurring preservatives, there is no need for any chemical treatments, making this sustainable wood extremely eco-friendly.

Recent Applications:

  • Fire Island Boardwalks
  • Staten Island Ferry Terminal
  • Chelsea Piers

If you are looking for a green alternative for your Marine Dock Piles and Lumber projects, please contact us for a quote.

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