Wallaba Roof Shingles

Wallaba Roof Shingles

Lightweight and low maintenance; our product is more durable than asphalt shingles.

When architects and builder need a sustainable product for a roofing system that is also eco- friendly, they choose our Wallaba Roof Shingles.

What is Wallaba Wood?

Sustainably harvested from South American forests, Wallaba wood is a dense tropical wood used for roofing shingles as an eco-friendly alternative to asphalt shingles. With its natural makeup of oils and resins, Wallaba wood is naturally resistant to insects and pests.

How Durable is Wallaba Wood?

Weather seems to be getting more extreme every season.  Our durable shingles have a lifespan of over 40 years and are mold and mildew resistant.  When installed as a roof system, our Wallaba Roof Shingles have earned a Class A, B & C fire rating. A Class A rating means the shingles are resistant to fire and are just as fire resistant as a concrete or metal roof.  The B and C ratings mean the wood is also resistant to moderate and light fire.

Is Wallaba Wood Safe for the Environment?

Our Shingles are environmentally friendly. As with all of our premium sustainable wood products, our Wallaba Roof Shingles do not require any toxic chemical treatment to be fire and insect resistant. When it rains, there is no chemical runoff.  Our shingle are a great alternative for architects and builders looking for a sustainable, eco-friendly solution.

If you are looking for a green alternative for your roofing projects, please contact us for a quote.

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Length 18″ (6″ exposure)
Butt thickness tapered 5/2- 1/4″
#1 Grade Clear Perfections
Widths 4″-10″ averaging 6

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